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The WHO, UN and other major global health institutions have proposed and are actually taking step through many programs, plans and initiatives to help prepare mankind for its next pandemic. However, owning or having one fire truck is better in one's backyard or area and in this case regions of the world, than 10 fire trucks in a few places of the world.

So a global community response is needed to help in the cooperation to learn about, share, and discuss this information and what improvements should be made to help set up more "fire stations" in many more countries, if not all, to deal with disease eradication and any threats through new, novel or emerging diseases. The ordinary people of this world demonstrated through this last pandemic in so many capacities and tasks they performed willingly that there is the will. of the people to help eradicate diseases.

The COVID-19 Emergency phase of the pandemic has shown why this is so important with millions of deaths and 100's of millions cases of sicknesses. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought much light and made significant game changing developments about how to eradicate diseases including COVID-19 and its variants. Research indicates this can be applied to most infectious diseases and or strains.

Therefore a 'Community Center' as it were, is another tool that people from all over the world could use or get access to, to get bias and independent information that they could confirm themselves, if they wish, to help prepare themselves for the next pandemic and understand how disease eradication is possible in it's various steps to get there. See "Tools to Help" tab above and tap or click on the drop down tab "Choice of Tools" on this website and for 'direct and simplified' answers for questions we all have.