Eradicating Diseases is a major project, but not one that is unattainable in a relatively short number of years. A number of issues include: the role of simple hand washing, community awareness, understanding what tools are available, overcoming mistrust and misinformation, vaccine hesitancy, new game changing technologies such as "PAN" protection, overcoming inequalities for lower and middle income countries and special needs groups, as well as potentially preventing pandemics and infectious diseases in the first place are all goals that are attainable.

The re-landing and capturing spaceships of various sizes safely on earth were considered a waste of time and considered by some scientists impossible, are now proven facts. Also as the landing of commercial spacecraft on the moon was a distant project, so in both cases new innovations, initiatives and ingenuity proved that the impossible, is really possible.

It took experience, new technological innovations along with adjustments and insights and time. However within a relatively few short years it was done. It really was not that long. The same applies to disease eradication. It doesn't have to take decades. Today we have the scientific know how, technologies, the capabilities and a global network of ordinary people who could help this all happen. We look forward to sharing this goal with you.