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Support Eradicate Diseases Education

This poster issued in 1918 by Publications of the US Shipping and Board Emergency Fleet shows us why Community Education is important.

If you would like to become a Patreon member or would like to donate to help us expand this website and its content it would help to build this small website into a multinational website with a library of multiple resources such as animations and podcasts and informative and current data and more. Feel free to make suggestions in an email to us below. 

By becoming a Patreon member or private donator it will help us to accomplish much. One of many things is to organize interviews with global scientists from private and international organizations to conduct interviews and hold forums with them to help us ordinary people understand the science and what is being done behind the scenes to eradicate diseases and to help us see when and how it's possible.  

Other interviews can be done to help us understand what is going on in other areas to address vaccine hesitancy, improving ways to avoid inequalities amongst nations, new delivery methods or what technology and manufacturing sectors are doing across the board with their new, ingenious innovations and how they can play a part in leading us to disease eradication. This is just the short list of interviews, and there are many areas and issues to deal with to build, provide answers for questions and subjects that will be covered.  

All donations would be used at the discretion of Eradicate Diseases and the author of this website, Todd Hunter, to upgrade this website with animations, translation of languages, to conduct interviews with scientists, to update disease and/or current relevant informations, from podcasts and webinar meetings with global scientists, companies and everything in between. 

If you'd like to help in some way please let us know by email. We know most of us, if not all of us, do not want to see another pandemic like what happened with the COVID-19 pandemic and would love to help. Therefore let us know and we will respond as time is available. Thanks in advance for your interest and patience!

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