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W.H.O. Videos That Help Explain Disease Eradication


As one well known American infectious disease scientist put it, 'the World Health Organization is the mouthpiece for global health'. They provide a true source of information as they work with global country members to help inform their country's populations on a great number of subjects relating to global health, such as health care systems, responses to global health events and continuous alerts and updates. 

They also have access to the world's largest depository of scientific data under various 'in house' organizations like "TAG-VE", "GISAID", "SAGE" and many others smaller branches or independent groups of experts.The WHO also published the "ACT - Accelerator Campaign Launch".This ACT campaign is based on members input and their final recommendations. WHO has also set up financial mechanisms such as the Pandemic Fund and the Health Impact Investment Platform to help prevent pandemics and disease outbreaks.

Eradicate Diseases Educational Channel is not affiliated with the World Health Organization. As a responsible independent observer we provide educational support, while trying to help millions to understand how a pathway to infectious disease eradication is possible. This Channel however, recognizes the WHO's work, and the its challenges, and through the lessons learned in the COVID-19 Pandemic find ways through networking, cooperation that would lead to ending outbreaks from turning into epidemics through community education and ingenuity.

THE following video clips from the WHO begin at the exact wording to get right to the point. However we would also encourage listening to as much as possible. While the COVID-19 pandemic emergency is over we can continue to learn so as to help prevent the 'next' potential pandemic and about disease eradication.


When WHO began talking about producing mucosal nasal vaccines or sprays for COVID-19, why they would effective, and why they would be game changers.

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The short and simple explanation of how transmission of a disease, such as Polio can be prevented, and how it's related to the eradication of COVID-19. This same principle applies to all other infectious diseases.

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Nasal, Intranasal or Mucosal vaccines and their potential to end COVID-19 and new innovative vaccines.

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Tweaking the system for eventual solutions, explanation and intro to "Pan" vaccines and their role that could lead to the eradication of COVID-19 as is being done with Polio. 

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Choices and the massive opportunity now in creating a new future innovations that use ingenuity, cooperation and networking that would become the norm. Also what big business want and what ordinary people want.

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